Registration for TESOL Seminar_Jack C. Richards

Scaffolding in Second Language Teaching


Aek Phakiti

The University of Sydney


Date: Tuesday 24 October 2017

Time: 17.00 – 18.00 pm


Venue: Education 325, The University of Sydney

Only when learners have acquired sufficient communicative skills and confidence, can they fully integrate themselves in a new social setting. Helping second language learners achieve communicative skills is challenging for many teachers because success depends not only on factors associated with learners (such as age, first language, and motivation), but also on environmental and social factors (such as the social support available). This presentation will discuss the role of scaffolding as a teaching strategy to help second language learners tackle the challenges they face when learning and when trying to develop their communicative skills. Scaffolding refers to the way in which teachers create new learning tasks and activities at a level slightly beyond their students’ current knowledge, and provide enough modelling and clues of how their students may approach them (e.g., Lantolf, 2011). This presentation will first discuss teachers’ beliefs about second language learning and outline a general perspective of what is involved in second language learning. It will then discuss the key ingredients for successful scaffolding and illustrate these through examples of how scaffolding strategies can be applied in language teaching.

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