Concerned Older Women (COW) is a group that met fortnightly for 12 years since its establishment at the Old Fire Station to discuss and take action on local issues in Glebe.

The group began in 2005, as a result of a consultation held by the Glebe Community Development Project called: Glebe: An Older Perspective.

The group often had speakers visit in order to expand their knowledge and ensure that they were well equipped to continue their mission.

While the core aim of the group was for social action, COW was also a great space for older women in Glebe to build strong relationships. The group has provided many opportunities for the women to ensure self care as well as providing opportunity for a variety of excursions. In the past COW has been able to go on many trips including breast screen trips.


Throughout the years COW has taken on a range of issues and has been proactive in the local Glebe community. Their achievements include: successfully gaining public seating on Glebe Point Rd, gaining better street lighting, changing bus routes and raising money for TEAR (who provide relief and aid in third world countries).

Through the group's activism and initiatives to continue to educate themselves, COW has developed great relationships with key people in the community such as local MPs and service providers.

In 2016, the members of COW agreed to disband in order to pursue new passions and interests and have started a self-funded group called the Crafty Older Women, who continue to work together in the Glebe community and enjoy the companionship that their years of working together has provided. 

For more information on Glebe: An Older Perspective, visit the 'Consultations and Reports' page.



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