Glebe Bytes

In July 2008, the Glebe Community Development Project was awarded funding from the City of Sydney's Community Grants program to undertake an oral history project in Glebe. The aim of the project was to engage residents from the social housing community in Glebe to gather, record, create and perform stories from the community that express diversity, challenge stereotypes and connect with the broader community.

This project builds on the relationships and the momentum established through the Communities in Harmony Project, a federally funded project which aimed to engage and mentor residents from inner city social housing communities. The Glebe Bytes project extended these objectives with the main focus to increase the participation of social housing residents in community projects and educational outreach opportunities and nurture connections and networks between residents, groups and organizations throughout the City of Sydney.

Since October 2008, project participants (now known as the Glebe Bytes) have attended weekly classes assisted through TAFE Outreach to develop their interviewing skills and their knowledge around gathering and recording information for the project.

During 2009, the Glebe Bytes group developed these stories of peoples journeys and places to present to the broader community as part of the Glebe Sesquicentenary (150 years Celebration of Glebe).

The group participates in community festivals to showcase their work as well as in community forums, libraries, schools, community centers and on the community managed wikispace site.