Lessons From Practice

The Glebe Community Development Project is informed by two overriding principles. The first is the action reasearch agenda that addresses priority community issues, informs and empowers action and builds on successful initiatives. The second is the integration of research outcomes into improved social work and community development practice with disadvantaged communities.

This section of the Project website is dedicated to the second of these principles. One of the key strategies used for informing policies and practices has been the participation in relevant conferences, both nationally and internationally. This page has links to conference papers presented from the Lessons from Practice of the Glebe Community Development Project, ranging across a broad spectrum of issues facing community development activities from sustainability to building local leadership. In addition, there are links to some of our publications.

The Glebe Community Development Project also promotes it's Lessons from Practice through seminars with others working in the field. Recent examples include:

  • Seminar on Social cohesion in a small housing estate (Honours project), September 2013.
  • Seminar on collaboration with Child & Family Interagency, October 2013.
  • Seminar on community leadership with DEC Migrant Community Liaison Officers, September 2013.

We are happy to share our experiences - please contact us at the Glebe Community Development Project if you would like more information.