Residents Exchange Initiative

Residents Exchange Initiative I

On Friday the 18th May 2007, the first Resident's Exchange Initiative took place at Glebe Town Hall. Organised by the Glebe Community Development Project, in partnership with community workers from Namitjira Place (Chifley) and Campbelltown, the Resident's Exchange Initiative was an opportunity for community members from diverse areas of Sydney to come together, exchange stories and share local experiences.

Beginning with morning tea and an informal discussion and ending with a lunch at the local community cafe (HavAchat), the Resident's Exchange Initiative was a roaring success. Approximately 30 people from the three communities attended. During the next Resident's Exchange Initiative, residents from the Glebe and Namitjira communities will have the opportunity to visit Campbelltown, renewing friendships and connections made during Glebe Resident's Exchange Initiative.

Residents Exchange Initiative II

On Tuesday the 21st August approximately 30 Department of Housing residents from Glebe, South Coogee, Campbelltown and Minto, gathered in the Orange Room in South Coogee. It started off with an introduction in which all the residents got the opportunity to meet one another. After introductions there was a break with light refreshments, which gave everyone the opportunity to continue from introductions and informally begin to discuss their experiences in Department of Housing.

After morning tea, all the residents divided into three groups in order to discuss some questions concerning their experiences and also the idea of community groups and what is required to start them and most importantly keep them alive. After the group discussion all the residents come back together as one group to finish off the discussions. There were sandwiches and cake for lunch, which was followed by a walk through the South Coogee Estate. The next Residents Exchange Initiative will be held in Campbelltown with the date yet to be confirmed.