Sticky Beak Tour

On Wednesday the 16th of May, the Glebe Community Development Project organised a bus tour of local agencies for the Department of Housing Client Service staff. We visited the Glebe Community Development Office and also had a conversation with the City of Sydney's Glebe Neighbourhood Services Manager in Town Hall. Following this, we visited local agencies including St. Helen's Senior Citizens Community Centre, the Glebe Youth Service, the Glebe School and Community Centre and the HopeStreet HaveAchat Cafe. A driving tour of Glebe was also included. Ten Department of Housing staff attended, along with the Director of HopeStreet. The aim of the tour was to increase Department of Housing client service staff knowledge of local services and to build stronger relationships between local community workers and Housing NSW staff.

The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, with Department of Housing staff reporting that their knowledge of local services within Glebe had increased and that, further, participating staff would be more likely to refer Department of Housing clients to these local services in the future. All in all, the 'StickyBeak tour' was an enjoyable day for all involved. It is hoped that StickyBeak tours will occur on a regular basis, in order to initiate new community workers to the Glebe local area and the services provided.

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